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I think it’s safe to say that not only is Agents of SHIELD back. But it might be better than ever. The season opener was phenomenal. It sent us into space a gave us a new mission. Get the agents back in time and back on Earth.


In the last episode: A Life Spent; 5×4, the agents continued on their space odyssey. Jemma in her golden makeup and new role as Kasius servant(?) is tasked with helping the inhuman, Abby. Jemma figures out how her enhancements work to give her the mentoring she needs to be able to win the inhuman match up. Only to see her then be sold. Apparently even in the future where aliens are in charge, inhumans are still devalued.


The thing about Jemma is I hate that Kasius has taken her hearing. That he controls what she hears. But I know that Jemma is seeing enough to be able to piece some things together. She will have info that the other agents will not have. And when she returns to the other agents, what she will have learned can only help. (I say when because we all know they will only be separated for so long before she is back with the pack.) Truth is, I really just hate Kasius.


However, the fight between this seemingly defenseless girl and this big muscular warrior was incredible. He’s beating her up–which was incredibly hard to watch, and out of nowhere, Abby looks to Jemma and finds her center to win. That was quite incredible. I am curious to know if we will see Abby again. If there is some crossover between her and the world our agents left.


Elena, Mack, Coulson are basically indentured slaves due to their deal with Grill. My opinion of Grill is less than good. But a deal is a deal, as my daddy taught me. So these three agents have to work off their debt for the metrics. The agents have been instructed to blend in. Knowing that they are agents, means that they can. But until they learn the system it’s going to take a hot minute, and until they figure it all out, I do fear for their safety. Not their lives, because I really do not believe that the writers will be that cruel, this early in the game.


Daisy and Deke are an interesting pair. Deke is sure that Daisy is this destroyer of worlds. Daisy knows her own strength and does not believe him. But the interesting thing is he brings up the multiverse theory. I’ll be honest, I don’t have much knowledge about. But the basic idea that it is multiple worlds that are on different planes (?maybe?) is very interesting. It will be amazing to see if this theory has any truth to it, and how it impacts our agents.


I have to say the addition of Jeff Ward is very cool, but I dislike his character. But really that is saying Ward is doing his job well. Deke is just so jaded and cruel. His attitude towards the team is very distasteful. I, however, see a lot of use for Deke, he knows the system, he knows a version of the truth. I feel like if he can get over the chip on his shoulder, he can be a real asset to the team. We shall see though.


Daisy is on a mission to save Jemma. Much to her nature, she won’t let anything stop her. But unfortunately this episode it did not happen. Though we did see some amazing moves from Daisy, even if they all didn’t work out for her. Can we talk about the fight sequence? That was incredible. Huge shout out to Chloe Bennett for that incredible work and whoever choreographed that scene.


But while Daisy was looking for Jemma, she was able to see a few ways the Lighthouse works. She found their greenhouse that holds their plants. Found out about the inhuman fighting. She was able to create some damage to the Kree’s special floors. However, Deke sold her out. Resulting in her capture. I’m just really hoping that Deke is playing the long game like he alluded to.


The run that May, Coulson, and Mack go on with Tess is very riveting. Not only do they start putting pieces to the puzzle together, but they find that Virgil has been communicating with someone on the surface. That Virgil was on the path to something. I can’t wait to see what that is. Who he was talking to and how it will all play out. There are marvelous moments as the agents on onboard this ship. When they find Virgil’s secret knob hiding space.
When May knocks Grills creep associate. Also, when Mack knocks the creepy guy out.


Also, the time on the run gives the fans a beautiful Philenda moment. May nutshells just how badly she wants to be home. Saying she’s earned a night in her own bed. And I agree. She needs to make it home. They all do. Simmons needs to be back with Fitz. Daisy needs a chance to build her life after being on the run and then in the framework. Elena and Mack need a honeymoon. They all need to be home and take a beat to decompress from their crazy lives.


All in all, this episode was off the charts awesome. I think season five has really found a great tone to it. Forget in the shadows, these agents are in the cosmos and it works for them.



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