AOS BTS: Transforming Lash

Agents of SHIELD

AOS BTS: Transforming Lash


Check out this video about how Lash was transformed.




I really liked this video because it’s always really cool to see what the crew and cast is thinking about some of most favorite scenes or reveal.  When it was revealed that Andrew and Lash was one in the same, it was a huge revelation for me.  It blind sided me.  I have no clue that was coming.  I had even tweeting that I though it might have been Rosalind.  But it being Andrew knocked me over.  So to see what the crew was thinking and how they went about doing that transformation is extremely cool.


I also love Blair’s description of the transformation.  I think he’s an incredible actor, and AOS has been bettered by his character.  I’m hoping that we still get to keep him, since he’s in the contamination module  now.  Hopefully we will still have some flashbacks and/or SHIELD can find a way to stop the transformation process.


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Agents of SHIELD, 3x7 (12)

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