AOS 3×5 Sneak Peek

sneak peek

AOS 3×5 Sneak Peek


“There has to be a sunrise eventually…..”


Sneak Peek

Heartbreak.  Seeing Simmons here, in this planet, breaks my heart.  There is a million of other emotions as well.  I don’t even seem to care to know that she makes it back.  Seeing her suffer is just not okay.


But I have to say that she’s handling it much better than I would be.  Or at least I think so.  I have a feeling I’d panic and in this clip she seems to be very strong, and thinking about how to deal.  Calculated, but in a good way.


I know that I seem to gush about Simmons a lot.  I blame Elizabeth over that.  She’s taken a character that could have been just a background body and made her into a strong, formidable woman who. other than the science. I can see myself in.   She’s an amazing brilliant actress and has made Simmons a person that I adore.


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Make sure you tune in October 27th at 9 pm (est) on ABC! 



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