AOS 3×4 Sneak Peek

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AOS 3×4 Sneak Peek


Check out the intense look at this weeks episode.


Sneak Peek 


“It’s a means to an end,” Coulson.


“Ours or theirs?” Daisy.


I think this is a fair question.  I love Coulson.  I loved him in Iron Man (all three), in New Mexico with Thor, in the Avengers when we lost him, all three seasons of Agents of SHIELD.  He’s a good agent, he has always been someone to trust.  But I’m sorry.  I’m questioning his judgements.  Getting into bed (so to speak) with Rosalind is a mistake.  It’s is going to hurt the team.  What is left of it anyway.  It just is.  That is my fangirl-professional opinion  I don’t like.  I don’t support it.  It makes for good drama. That is why I’m not openly hating it.  Just disagreeing with it wholeheartedly.



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