Agents of SHIELD S3 Finale


Agents of SHIELD S3 Finale





Lets talk about this scene.


When Daisy approaches him, I’m thinking she’s going to go right into the killing mode.  But she doesn’t she’s begging him to take her back.  AND I was floored by it.  I get it, she’s broken, desperate to feel right again, and when she was infected she felt loved.


Then she just releases her feelings, and it is the most awesome fight scene.  I love seeing Hive verses Daisy, and how she uses her powers to give her an advantage.  It is an interesting fight, seeing the two who have come seen so far just bashing the crap out of each other.


My final thought on this scene, was that Chloe Bennett and Brett Dalton played this scene to perfection, and I’m utterly heartbroken that we will only have one half of this duo next season.


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Agents of SHIEDl will return in Fall /




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