Agents of SHIELD First Four Minutes 3×1


Agents of SHIELD First Four Minutes 3×1



HOLY CRAP!  This is major spoilers, but really amazing.


First Four Minutes



As the camera pans the room, the first thought I have is….whoa, what destruction.  Then we see Joey, and I just can’t help but feel bad for this man.  At least when Skye went through her transformation, she had a clue what was happening.  This guy, he’s just clueless right now.  It’s really awful.


Then we see this other team. Let me tell ya, they are intense.  They have the situation locked down.  I don’t blame him from running from them.  Once the spot in him the ally I feel terrible for him.  But then in all her glory enter Daisy stage left.  I have to say that may be the best entrance to date in this show.


Then we see SHIELD get Joey out of the situation in the coolest way possible!  I mean for real, where did that toy come from?  Can I get one?


Next we meet, Rosalind Price, who is running this other black ops team, though she’s not going to remain a mystery as we see Coulson snap a photo.  I have to say that I’m excited seeing this one.  I know I didn’t’ see it right away.  But still, not watching this might have been a mistake.


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