Agents of SHIELD 4×19 Promo


Agents of SHIELD 4×19 Promo




I have to give a round of applause to Iain De Caestecker for his incredibly acting.  I mean in this promo alone.  I just can’t even handle it 

In other news:

  1. Ward looks so worried.  Man I’ve missed Brett Dalton being a part of this show.   He’s just awesome.  I love how much Ward loves Skye.  Even before he was Hive, but just the duplicitous traitor, he loved Skye and it’s nice seeing that again.
  2. Fitz freaking out over betrayal, it’s just perfect.  I miss my sweet Fitz, but this evil one isn’t terrible.  I mean yea, he’s brainwashed to love Aida the psycho, but he’s very loyal still and that is what I love about Fitz.
  3. Fitz being named the head of Hydra, that’s just scary.
  4.  This episode might be my undoing.  It looks incredible.


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Make sure you tune in Tuesday, April 25th at 10 pm  for Agents of SHIELD.




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