Agents of SHIELD 4×16 Sneak Peek


Agents of SHIELD 4×16 Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

I’ve been waiting for a sneak peek for the whole month.  Now that we have it.  I’m thrilled.

  1. The fact that Daisy though it was Lincoln is heartbreaking.  I think she would give anything to have him back.
  2. I love that Ward is back.
  3. She’s back to being Skye…..leaving me to speculate that in this world, she didn’t have the whole transition into inhuman thing.
  4. She’s a Hydra agent, which is interesting.  Makes me wonder how she entangled the agency.  She was a hacker who lived in a van.
  5.  Skye/Daisy has no power.  Making me fear for her safety.  I know she’s a badass agent.  But still.  She’s a precious that needs to be kept safe.
  6. I wonder how evil this Ward is?  Since he was a Hydra agent in the “real” world, but in this world it’s not a secret.  Does that make him a good guy doing a job?  Or a bad guy who’s good at his bad job?

What are your speculations?  Tweet me your answers: @aosfans

Make sure you tune in Tuesday, April 4th at 10 pm  for Agents of SHIELD.




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