Agents of SHIELD 3×2 Promo Photos


Agents of SHIELD 3×2 Promo Photos


Check out these awesome promo photos from October 6th 3×2 Episode, “Purpose in the Machine.”



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In the press release, we were told they were going to see an Asgardian.   Well, I guess we can figure out what Asgardian the team will be visiting.  The professor that helped with the staff way back when.  It’s nice to see him again.  I really love these photos.  You can see the worry written all over Fitz, and that does rip my heart out of my chest and shatters it.  But that is a fan-girl problem.  I really can’t wait until Simmons is retrieved.  I just hope she’s okay in the space thingy.


I love the look Coulson is giving Daisy in the final picture.  He really does look at her as a daughter.


I don’t want to wish this season away, but I’m very excited about seeing this episode.


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Make sure you tune in September 29th at 9 pm (est) on ABC!.




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