Agents of SHIELD 3×2 Promo


Agents of SHIELD 3×2 Promo

WOW!  Just wow!  check out this promo!!!  Don’t read any further if you don’t want to be spoiled.






Oh kay.  Trying to breathe.  Inhaling and exhaling.  Now what do I think about the promo….Well, first.  Simmons.  I am just happy to see you.  Though it’s obvious that something is clearly wrong and you are in danger.  This is not okay.  But at least you are alive.


Then we see May.  THANK GOD.  May needs to be back. I’m glad she’s back.   Though I’m not sure that it’s going to awesome.


Then we have Ward.  This is good.  Because we love to hate Ward.  But it’s also bad because that means we have a missing Simmons, a new agency, and Hydra.  It’s a lot.  I’m so excited for this new episode.  Make sure you check out the press release and promo photos.  Next week will be BA.  Don’t miss it.



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Make sure you tune in October 6th at 9 pm (est) on ABC!

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